Low carb Paleo dieters lose weight, prevent diabetes and reduce inflammation

More than 29 million people in the nation suffer from diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now a new study is pointing to low carb diets as the way to lose weight and reduce your risk, reported Diabetes Health on Friday.

Swedish researchers conducted a study that lasted for two years comparing overweight people with type 2 diabetes. One group ate a low-fat diet, while the other followed low-carb guidelines.

Both groups lost weight, but the group on the low-carb weight loss plan had lower blood glucose and a reduction in inflammation. Both improvements are key to diabetes prevention and reversal for those with type 2.

The Paleo low carb diet has been shown to reduce inflammation while boosting weight loss, according to CBN News on Friday. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, arthritis, cancer, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues and even dental problems.

Mark Sisson, author of “The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy,” says that he used the Paleo approach to reverse his own health problems. “Most of what ails people today could be, if not cured, substantially mitigated with a few lifestyle corrections, first and foremost being diet,” he stated.

And Mark emphasizes that he has evidence that the Paleo diet works both for weight loss and health. “We’ve got hundreds of thousands of user experiences on my site, Mark’s Daily Apple,” he noted. “Of people who’ve embraced this program who’ve said, ‘Not only did I lose the weight but my blood work improved and my energy levels improved.'”

The plan involves eating protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables while eliminating dairy and grains. And those who claim that removing those two food groups isn’t healthy earn the ire of Robb Wolf, another Paleo diet guru and author of “The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet.”

“The Paleo template is just Evolutionary Biology applied to food and medicine,” Robb told me in an exclusive interview. “My research associates have published papers demonstrating not only that a Paleo diet provides all the nutrients for health, but that the Paleo diet is, calorie for calorie, the most nutritious way one can eat.”

As for the current food pyramid that emphasizes whole grains, Robb points to the increase in obesity and diabetes. “It has been a complete failure,” he declared.

In terms of using the Paleo diet for weight loss and improving health markers such as blood pressure and cholesterol, Robb is an advocate of customizing it. He recommends Chris Kresser’s “Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life” as a guide to personalizing the Paleo diet for individual needs.

Product Review: Vysera-CLS Weight Loss Supplement

A weight loss supplement from Bremenn Research Labs® is promoted as the ultimate pill that can help you reshape your body.
June 17, 2014

Vysera-CLS is a weight loss supplement advertised to give you results within 30 days. They say you wouldn’t even have to be on a diet or do any exercise to get the results you want. This product from Bremenn Research Labs® is promoted as the ultimate pill that can help you reshape your body by burning fat on your thighs, hips and waist while you continue to take in up to 2.200 calories a day.

Is this a miracle pill? It does sound like it is. In fact the way this product is described on the official website, one cannot help but be suspicious. Bremenn Research Labs® is actually a company that specializes in skin care products. Vysera-CLS is the only weight loss product available on its official website and yet it claims it is the ultimate weight loss supplement.

This is why we felt it was necessary to write a thorough review of Vysera-CLS and give you a full picture of what it is all about.

Vysera ClS Active Ingredients

The official website selling the product didn’t bother to mention the ingredients used. The good news is through our research we were able to dig deeper and unveil those ingredients. There are 18 of them. Let’s look at a few.

White bean extract: has been shown through research to be a carbohydrate blocker. It reduces the level of ghrelin, C-peptide, insulin and glucose in the blood.

Chromium picolinate and vitamin B3: both are known to help reduce insulin resistance and therefore reduce the level of glucose.

Schizonepeta, cacao, cayenne, milk thistle and caffeine are expected to speed up metabolism to burn more calories.

Passion flower, velvet bean, lemon balm and panax ginseng are used to lessen carbohydrate craving, reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Other ingredients include Tumeric, Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose and gelatin.


Gives the user more control over his desire to take in sugar
Boosts metabolism
Reduces the level of glucose in the blood


Product very expensive
Not enough information provided about composition of ingredients
auto-billing applied to those who buy for the first time

Directions to use

The daily recommended dose is 2 capsules, 1 per serving. You can take the first one 30 minutes before your main carbohydrate meal and the second one before your second daily meal. Always drink 8 oz of water after taking the pill.

Vysera CLS Frequently asked Questions

• How does Vysera CLS work?

When taking into consideration the ingredients used in the formula, it is not that complicated to figure out that the supplement raises metabolism and reduces emotional craving. It also reduces the level of glucose in the blood. The manufacturer probably believes that by keeping your glucose level low, the chances of you putting on weight are slim. This is probably why it claims you can eat anything you want. After all the excess carbohydrate would be evacuated.

• Is Vysera CLS safe to take with other medication?

On the official website, nothing is said with respect to how this supplement could be used in combination with other medication. It is important to note that the supplement contains caffeine and other ingredients that may slightly modify the physiology of an individual. So preferably you shouldn’t take it if you are already on a medication. You want to consult a doctor first before trying to combine this supplement with any other medication.

• Are there any side effects while taking Vysera CLS?

Not enough information is provided concerning the composition of the ingredients used in the formulation. So it is not that easy to make an educated guess with respect to how the supplement is going to react inside a person.

That said, on Amazon, one customer has complained about abdominal discomfort while using it

Vysera CLS Warnings

On Amazon Vysera CLS has received a rating of 2.5 over 5. Only 5 customers gave it a 5 star rating while 12 customers only gave it a 1 star rating. This suggests the product does not deliver. Also remember that with the auto-billing feature, the manufacturer will continue charging your credit card even if you didn’t order the product for a second time.

Final Words

Vysera CLS is probably one of the most expensive weight loss product out there. The only thing that makes it stand out is its price. That aside, the ingredients that it is made of can be found in other weight loss supplement at a much cheaper price. You better spend your money on those ones. There is nothing so extraordinary you will get out of using Vysera CLS.

Dr. Oz: Cancer scare, blood pressure diet and nut butter weight loss guide

“The Little Couple” reality TV show has won praise for its heart-warming approach to overcoming challenges. Dr. Mehmet Oz invited the stars to talk about their cancer scare on his talk show Tuesday. Plus: Discover how your diet can reduce your blood pressure and get a guide to using nut butter for weight loss.

Jen Arnold revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer while adopting the couple’s second child. Her husband Bill stayed behind while she coped with her treatment.

Because Jen is smaller, she chose to be treated at Texas Children’s Hospital so that her chemotherapy and other treatments could be customized for her needs. She now is cancer-free.

On the same episode, Dr. Oz talked about some ways to reduce your blood pressure without medication. The key: Increase your potassium intake with foods rather than supplements.

In addition to eating foods high in potassium, Dr. Oz previously has recommended the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet. It’s been shown to reduce blood pressure by reducing sodium intake and increasing foods such as vegetables, dairy and protein.

Dr. Oz’s expert Marla Heller authored “The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution: 2 Weeks to Drop Pounds, Boost Metabolism, and Get Healthy.” She emphasizes that by eating foods shown to reduce blood pressure as well as boost weight loss, you can make significant improvements in your blood pressure readings in just two weeks.

Studies also show that you can lower your blood pressure by performing handgrip exercises 10 minutes daily. Just squeeze a stress ball for a few minutes throughout the day.

Can nut butter really help you lose weight? Yes, says Dr. Oz.

For example, walnut butter cuts cravings while improving your cholesterol and heart health. Peanut butter boosts your energy and keeps your blood sugar stable. And macadamia nut butter improves your mood while keeping you full.

Don’t want to use nut butter but like to nibble? Go for almonds, according to a recent study.

Researchers assigned 137 adults with high risks for diabetes to eat either 43 grams of almond daily or no almonds for four weeks. The almond eaters experienced a decrease in hunger and reductions in their postprandial blood glucose levels. They also did not gain weight.

Product Review: Plexus Slim Weight Loss Dietary Supplements

In the world of dietary supplements and weight loss pills everyone frequently discover that the options are usually among very powerful alternatives that may seem to be harmful in case utilized improperly, and less powerful yet all-natural options that are totally safe.

Difficulty in that case is actually choosing whether you would like to carry it slower and solid while becoming cautious, or find major outcomes immediately. Many people desire the most effective regarding each sides, but that could appear unrealistic.

The main guarantee associated with Plexus Slim is always to provide you with which dependable slimming solution without having by yourself in danger, which is absolutely an assurance worthy of considering.

In case all those promises happen to be genuine then this dietary supplement can be an entire no-brainer for any large number of individuals, so I’m about to toss a light on this product and present this a comprehensive look to see what we really can expect.

What Is Plexus Slim?

This is a entirely organic supplement that regions by itself together with very powerful chemical substance alternatives while preventing threats associated with the latter.

Theoretically this will imply that you are likely to notice fast and significant change in the body, losing weight at a rate you may actually enjoy without having to come to feel worried regarding the experience.

It truly is safe to use, and i also will be able to tell you that it functions really efficiently too. An ideal advantage of the product is the fact that its 100 % natural ingredients are not only preserving the body out of harm, but they can certainly offer excellent and healthful benefits together with your weight-loss.

Rather than targeting tissues inside the body the way that fat reducing chemical substances do, the ingredients included serve to encourage and improve organic capabilities, and also this typically implies that negative effects will certainly become good stuff. Read more below to uncover exactly how it works?

How Does It Work?

Since this is an organic dietary supplement it’s totally focus is not on ingesting out in your body, however including good stuff into it. Product offers you beneficial acids, anti-oxidants as well as dietary fiber that will interact in concert to create your weight-loss goals and objectives definitely much more possible.

First of all, it is really an efficient appetite suppressant, and reason it is so efficient is that it truly finds you experiencing complete and fulfilled. It includes elements that will signal to your mind that your dietary requirements are now being fulfilled and you just don’t have to eat anymore, which is excellent however that is as much as most natural dietary supplements should go.

Taking points one step further, product works by using a dietary fiber which grows within tummy to really make you feeling sated. You are going to feel as if you have got consumed a huge meal once you have just got a few foodstuff, which is completely crucial in conquering regular part of over-eating.

In addition to its hunger controlling qualities, it is actually among very few organic dietary supplements which can be effective at efficiently losing fat tissues in a risk-free and healthful manner. Rather than attacking those cells, it helps the body to improve organic features which will make much better and much more effective use of body fat tissues.

It will eventually supercharge your metabolic process, which I actually discover to be the genuine factor to healthy weight reduction because the serious problem so many out there have once they find it difficult to reduce weight is that they simply have a reduced metabolic rate compared to many other individuals.

What Are The Ingredients?

Checklist of ingredients within this dietary supplement is lengthy, but instead than just asking in order to believe in that they are all-natural along with safe to use, I am gonna briefly name and explain every one of them.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – This encourages power inside the body, transforming glucose really efficiently, although that is exactly how it can help you lose weight as part of this health supplement it is actually far from the extent of actually is going to do for you. Usually, this substance takes place naturally in the body, and its amplified degrees will have simply positive effects. It is the fact that people consume meals such as rice bran and greens, and the list of advantages it offers would certainly pretty much be pages long.

Beet Root Extract – This one is highly recommended a detoxification and balancing element, working to stability pH levels and cleanse your blood. It is also a effective source of natural energy.

Chlorogenic Acid – This ingredient has been proven to prevent consumption of body fat through a variety of food items, it will give a good increase for your metabolic process too. Probably its greatest recorded result is actually lowering of your possibility of diabetes.

Chromium – This ingredient can be used in a many different methods, however right here its major part would be to decrease cravings for simple carbs.

Citric Acid – It is certainly one of 4 elements that appear to are actually included mainly to help make the blend flavor a little more enjoyable. It’s a organic preservative that has its very own health advantages too.

Citrin K – This one, alternatively, is very direct and effective in what it can. This is an extract of Garcinia Cambogia and it will significantly reduce the speed where the body transforms carbohydrates into body fat stores by stopping unfavorable features in some digestive enzymes. It’s a fat blocker, though the way it accomplishes this also helps it be a great appetite reducing aid.

Glycemic Index Maltodextrin – The 2nd of these 4 elements I pointed out that are right here to improve taste of the product. It is a natural sweetener produced from grain.

Grape Skin Extract – It has a variety of excellent helpful elements within it, such as flavonoids, linoleic acid, oligomeric proanthocyanidins and vitamin E. Combined together, all these ingredients is effective in reducing cholesterol as well as blood pressure levels quite nicely.

Lo Han Extract – This is the third source of taste. It’s a little sweet and also very enjoyable.

Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside – This is a great appetite reducing aid which is becoming more widely used in weight loss supplements. Although it is not since proven as a few of the some other ingredients here, it really is certainly considered to be natural and safe.

Stevia Extract – Lastly your fourth and very last flavor element, mainly utilized here as being a sweetener, however it is given the green light by FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION as a nutritional supplement.

Negative Effects

There isn’t quite a lot right here in order to document when it comes to negative effects, since this is a natural supplement, but the one negative side effect I have seen reported by a few users is that it can make them feel a little gassy.

Results are much more usual. Even as it is actually primarily a weight loss product, it will also keep users experience much more vitalized, it will decrease symptoms of depressive disorders, helps to keep glucose levels, encourages liver wellness, decreases the unfortunate risk of heart problems and also diabetes, and many others. They are truly amazing elements to get within your body system.

Where you can Purchase It?

The absolute right place you may get your hands on this product is straight via Plexus Worldwide. You can actually rely on that you will be buying a great price there, and the item you are shipped is going to be just as promoted. Ambassadors would be the primary approach to take, but you can also contact the manufacturer directly.

Overall, consumers tend to be amazingly beneficial about the product. It is really very uncommon to find out this kind of commitment about a supplement, but this one has got won by itself an extremely solid track record because of its performance, its safety, and secondary health advantages that it offers.

The one thing which is a little bit different relating to this product and company is that they positively get in touch with their customers and interact with them regularly, You can find the events on the official website.

It is quite unusual for any organization within this market to act in this way, since most of them would certainly sooner want to hide something, but there exists a actual community with this pill that truly talks to its performance and popularity.

You can expect it can easily meet your needs, in case you would like increased outcomes you are able to choose to add Plexus Slim Accelerator to the mix. With this all-natural weight loss pill along with massive part advantages, you undoubtedly cannot go wrong.

Pippa Middleton powers nation-wide bike race with high protein low carb diet

Think that athletes have to load up on pasta and potatoes to power through an endurance race? Pippa Middleton is determined to prove that theory wrong as she sets off on a cross-country bike race powered by her high protein low carb ketogenic diet, reported the New York Daily News on Monday.

Joined by her brother James, Pippa plans to cross 12 states in eight days. The race, which stretches from California to Maryland, is sponsored by the Race Across America and is for charity.

The endeavor requires both energy and endurance. “Once we get going it’s nonstop, with very little sleep,” revealed Pippa.

For fuel, Pippa will be relying on her high protein low carb ketogenic diet. She avoids carbohydrates, according to the Daily Mail, focusing on protein, fats and vegetables.

And she has company on her plan, which is modeled on the Dukan diet. Pippa’s mother, Carole, also follows the Dukan diet, which Duchess Kate used to slim down for her wedding.

The low carb high protein Dukan diet, which just received a makeover in “The Dukan Diet Made Easy,” consists of four phases. The first phase is designed to jump-start your weight loss and is called the Attack phase, consisting of protein, which can help dieters lose up to 10 pounds in one week.

The second phase, known as the Cruise phase, adds vegetables to the program. The Consolidation phase adds more variety, while the Stabilization phase teaches dieters to maintain their weight loss.

To provide dieters with enough fiber, the Dukan diet requires them to add a few tablespoons of oat bran to their meals. The company manufactures its own Dukan Diet Organic Oat Bran.

In contrast to the Atkins diet, however, the Dukan diet generally emphasizes unprocessed food rather than processed products such as frozen dinners. There’s also a cookbook, “The Dukan Diet Cookbook: The Essential Companion to the Dukan Diet.”

For those who question whether a high fat low carb diet can fuel an extensive cycling race, Stephen D. Phinney and Jeff S. Volek answer that question in “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance.” The two have conducted numerous studies showing that keto-adapted athletes enjoy more than adequate energy levels with regard to glycogen depletion, training and recovery.

In addition to her low-carb diet, Pippa practices Pilates regularly, according to the UK Telegraph. Her instructor, Margot Campbell, earned her own share of fame for her role in shaping the “rear of the year.”

Pippa credits Pilates for her “core strength and posture.” Apparently she prefers not to comment on her caboose.

Extreme Weight Loss renewed for fifth season: Carb-cycling diet success

In a nation where obesity rates continue to skyrocket, we apparently find entertainment value in watching others succeed in losing weight. “Extreme Weight Loss,” which highlights one to two obese individuals struggling to shed pounds in each episode, has been renewed for a fifth season, reported the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

Each episode encompasses one year in the participants’ lives, which makes early renewal a priority. In addition to renewing the series, ABC plans to follow three different couples for special series called “Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Weight.”

The show stars trainer Chris Powell and his wife Heidi. Author of “Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life,” he advocates the use of a carb-cycling diet that alternates low-carb diet days with calorie-calculated higher carb meals. The approach is designed to “trick your metabolism into burning a lot of calories, even on those low-carb days,” says Chris.

But exercise plays a key role as well. And as the most recent episode showed, many individuals begin their weight loss journey unable to even jump on a trampoline, reported the Tennessean on Wednesday.

That episode, which aired Tuesday, starred Nashville singer-songwriter Jayce Hein. He weighed 417 pounds at the beginning of his year-long transformation and lost 188 pounds during his participation on the show.

Reflecting on the experience now, Hein emphasized the emotional aspect of weight loss. Getting up the courage to jump on a trampoline with his son required courage that he initially lacked because of his size.

“I was that big guy and everyone would say, ‘Go out there and do it.’ And I was very, what’s the word for it, (I had) no confidence at all,” he admits.

It took a combination of physical effort in terms of exercise and diet and mental changes to get him on that trampoline at last. Iit finally clicked in my mind that I can do anything,” Hein said. “It never gets easy, but it gets easier.”

One of the questions that Chris, who also authored “Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution,” repeatedly is asked: Which counts more, diet or exercise? Answering that question on a recent episode of “The View,” he was quick to respond: “Definitely diet.”

For that reason, each episode includes sessions in the kitchen learning to cook (as opposed to take fast food out of a bag). Chris is so determined to wean participants from foraging in fast food joints that he even once subjected his body to trying out the impact of greasy sausage biscuits on his own body (he suffered an agonizing food hangover that was painful to watch).

Talking with “The View” hosts, Chris noted that he also frequently teams up with Rocco DiSpirito, author of “The Pound a Day Diet: Lose Up to 5 Pounds in 5 Days by Eating the Foods You Love.” The chef lost weight himself, and thus serves as a role model to participants who are stressed that they won’t be able to enjoy their favorite foods on a diet.

There’s also some star power behind the “Pound a Day” plan: Whoopi Goldberg says she lost 30 pounds on the diet. Kris Jenner also has praised Rocco’s recipes.

How does the “Pound a Day” diet compare to carb-cycling? Both use the concept of alternating calorie and carb counts. However, Rocco emphasizes using the weekends for your more generous calorie allotment days, while Chris recommends dieting in set cycles to develop a weight loss routine.

Sharon Osbourne and Kim Kardashian lose 85 pounds on LCHF Atkins ketogenic diets

For all of us who view going on holiday as an excuse to go off our diets, Sharon Osbourne and Kim Kardashian both are demonstrating weight loss willpower when it comes to their high fat low carb (LCHF) ketogenic diets. A spokeswoman for Atkins, Sharon wrote a blog about her trip to Abu Dhabi and her stick-with-it diet success there. And Kim is staying on her Atkins plan even on her honeymoon, reported Handbag.com on Friday.

Together the two women have lost more than 85 pounds on their low carb diets. Kim shed 56 pounds, while Sharon lost about 30 by following the Atkins weight loss plan.

Kim has been tweeting her success with the low carb diet and posting photos on Instagram of her flat belly. Colette Heimowitz, Vice President of Nutrition at the Atkins Diet, told E News that the new mom shed her baby weight quickly by using the ketogenic approach to shift her body into fat-burning mode.

Author of “The New Atkins Made Easy: A Faster, Simpler Way to Shed Weight and Feel Great — Starting Today,” Colette offered these tips: “”Keep your hunger in check by eating three regular-size meals (and your choice of two snacks) every day. Some people do better with four or five smaller meals each day.”

In addition to the Atkins diet, Kim has been working out with Tracy Anderson. Tracy, creator of “Tracy Anderson: Precision Toning,” is known for her success in helping stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow get their pre-baby bodies back fast. Tracy told Newsday that her goal for Kim is to “make her healthy and as in proportion as she should naturally be.”

As for Sharon Osbourne, a recent visit overseas proved to be no problem with regard to maintaining her 30-pound weight loss, she wrote in a blog entitled “Atkins in Abu Dhabi.” Sharon noted, “It is flexible enough to stick to anywhere you go, from grandma’s house to Abu Dhabi.”

Because she’s in maintenance, Sharon has expanded her diet to include foods such as berries and low-carb bread. The jump-start phase one of the low-carb program, however, consists primarily of protein (from fish to poultry to eggs to meat), fats, oils and measured amounts of cheese and vegetables.

In addition, Sharon uses the Atkins bars. “Toss an Atkins bar in your bag or keep a few in the car so you don’t go without eating if you haven’t got time to stop for lunch,” she advised in a recent blog.

As for her favorite sweet treat? “They have these little chocolate candies that are absolutely fabulous,” she exalted, referring to Atkins Chocolate Candies.

Three-Day Reset diet cuts wheat and sugar to turbo-charge health and weight loss

We live in a nation where processed foods and fast foods rule our diets. But there’s a problem: All the added salt, sugar and white flour causes cravings, which lead us to eat even more of those easily gulped goodies. As a result, losing weight can become a battle of frustration. Now a new book promises to help with a variety of three-day diets: “The 3-Day Reset: Restore Your Cravings For Healthy Foods in Three Easy, Empowering Days” (click for details).

Author and nutrition expert Pooja Mottl provides 10 ways to end cravings and change your food tastes. Each reset lasts three days, and range from sugar to salt to wheat to fast food. Also included are recipes.

Pooja explains two key principles:

Processed Foods = BAD
Whole and Minimally-Processed Foods (WAMP) = GOOD

You’ll learn how to WAMP your way to weight loss without the stress and frustration involved in traditional diets. In a column for the Huffington Post, Pooja reflected:

Yet the one thing we do know is that foods in their least altered state — WAMP foods — are, hands down, better than processed foods, and when we start consuming these foods exclusively, we’ll no doubt be a lot better off than we are now. It’s just that simple. For many people, just the transition from processed to whole food can help reverse and stave off many ailments such as overweight, allergies, and chronic disease.

Ready to WAMP your way to a new body and new attitude toward food?

High-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet benefits range from epilepsy to weight loss

For a child with severe epilepsy, life can be severely restricted. In recent years, however, physicians and families have been turning to an old remedy that’s found new life: High fat low carb ketogenic diets, reported the Nottingham Post on Tuesday. And those same diets can also boost weight loss.

At age three, Ben Fountain experienced up to 50 epileptic seizures daily. He had to wear a helmet, and the medications typically used to control epilepsy did not work.

Then physicians advised his parents to put him on a high fat ketogenic diet. The result: Ben no longer suffers.

Monitored by experts at Nottingham’s Children’s Hospital, the diet is designed to control seizures by forcing the body to use fat rather than glucose for energy. The low-carb diet requires his parents to monitor his food intake rigorously, but they feel it’s worth it.

“The medication didn’t seem to stop the seizures and turned him into a zombie. It felt as if our little boy was slipping away,” said his mother.

Entitled “Ketogenic Diets, Mitochondria and Neurological Diseases,” a recent study demonstrated that ketogenic diets can provide “a broad-spectrum therapy for medically intractable epilepsy. In addition, said the authors, the approach “is receiving growing attention as a potential treatment for neurological disorders arising in part from bioenergetic dysregulation.”

A group of experts from Johns Hopkins have created a manual for both parents and physicians to help them understand how to customize ketogenic diets for the use of epilepsy. Entitled “Ketogenic Diets,” it provides information on the newest research for using the approach to treat other neurological disorders.

But it’s not only for severe medical problems. High fat low carb ketogenic diets also can boost weight loss, and the most well-known plan is the Atkins diet.

Kim Kardashian recently choose the Atkins diet to lose 56 pounds and restore her hourglass figure. She’s so proud of her slim-down success that she wore a dress made of ropes to showcase her small waist, reported the Huffington Post on Wednesday.

Sharon Osbourne also has added star power to the Atkins plan. She lost 30 pounds on the diet, Colette Heimowitz, VP of Nutrition at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc, author of “The New Atkins for a New You Workbook: A Weekly Food Journal to Help You Shed Weight and Feel Great,” told me in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

How does the low carb high fat (LCHF) approach accelerate weight loss? It causes the body to burn fat for energy, explained Colette, who also concocted a cookbook “The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook: 200 Simple and Delicious Low-Carb Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less.”

“The key to losing weight is lowering carbohydrate intake and replacing high sugar carbs with healthy fats,” she told me. “When carbs are low enough the body will burn fat for fuel so you lose the extra fat you have stored on your body and you burn the fat you are eating for energy.”

When the Atkins diet book was first published by Dr. Robert Atkins, it drew criticism for emphasizing saturated fats. Now, however, new studies have shown that certain fats benefit health as well as weight loss.

In the category of healthy fats: “Monounsaturated fat like nuts, avocado, salmon, and olive oil. It also includes some saturated fat like eggs, cheese, butter, and coconut oil,” said Colette.

The Atkins diet recently underwent a makeover as a result of the latest research. It now places more emphasis on fiber and the type of fats chosen for weight loss, detailed in “The New Atkins Made Easy: A Faster, Simpler Way to Shed Weight and Feel Great — Starting Today.”

Kim Kardashian celebrates baby’s birthday and 56-pound low-carb diet weight loss

One of the world’s most famous babies, North West, celebrated her first birthday with parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, reported People magazine on Monday. And Kim has another reason to celebrate: She lost 56 pounds and restored her pre-baby body with a high fat low carb ketogenic diet.

Sharing her joy in being a mom, Kim posted an Instagram photo and wrote: “This is what life is about! Our baby girl turned 1 today!”

But shedding her baby weight wasn’t so joyful. Kim tweeted that she had gone on the high fat low carb ketogenic Atkins diet to lose her post-pregnancy pounds.

In a fan Q&A in March, however, Kim confessed that she had gained some weight back when she strayed from the low-carb plan. “I actually saw I gained some weight back when I saw pics of myself and started [Atkins] again,” she confessed.

In an exclusive interview on Monday, we asked Colette Heimowitz, VP of Nutrition at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., to discuss what’s involved in the Atkins diet. She is the author of “The New Atkins Made Easy: A Faster, Simpler Way to Shed Weight and Feel Great — Starting Today.”

“The key to losing weight is lowering carbohydrate intake and replacing high sugar carbs with healthy fats,” said Colette. “That includes monounsaturated fat like nuts, avocado, salmon, and olive oil.”

A recent debate in the news over the pros and cons of saturated fats has caused some confusion. The butter brouhaha began with the publication of “The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet,” which proclaims the virtues of high fat foods.

Although Colette notes that saturated fats such as eggs, cheese, butter and coconut oil are part of the Atkins diet, she recommends avoiding trans fats. The reason: They cause inflammation.

The key to high fat low carb ketogenic diets is shifting to fat-burning mode. “When carbs are low enough, the body will burn fat for fuel so you lose the extra fat you have stored on your body and you burn the fat you are eating for energy,” Colette told us.

Colette also revealed that the Atkins diet recently has been improved to emphasize fiber intake. “Fiber makes us feel full sooner and stays in our stomach longer than other substances we eat, slowing down our rate of digestion and keeping us feeling full longer.”

As a result, it’s important to choose carbohydrate sources high in fiber. “To increase your intake of fiber, eat lots of vegetables, some berries, and some nuts/seeds,” added Colette.

In addition to her diet, Kim works out regularly with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, according to New York Daily News. Gunnar, author of “The Workout: Core Secrets from Hollywood’s #1 Trainer,” emphasizes the use of weights for achieving derriere’s like Kim’s famous booty.

“If you want to enhance the shape of your butt, as well as tone and tighten, the most important exercises are squats and lunges,” Gunnar told Shape magazine. “Be sure to use weights, weights, weights, and weights… and then some weights!”